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Pointers from the Pros: Agent Michelle Brower Offers Query Tips (via My Daytime Drama)

Pointers from the Pros: Agent Michelle Brower Offers Query Tips“Pointers from the Pros” gives tips from authors and publishing industry professionals on everything from craft to querying to their experiences on the road to publication. I attended the James River Writers conference in Richmond, Va., in October.  Although I couldn’t go to all the faboo sessions being offered, I took a ton of notes at those I was lucky enough to attend—and I’m sharing some of those tips with my lovely blog readers. (<—Th … Read More

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Feeding the Muse (via All About the Words)

Feeding the Muse The first week after the baby, I was in minimum mode. I fed the baby, put the baby to sleep, and put myself to sleep. I let my mom be in charge of feeding me (okay, not literally spooning things into my mouth; just fixing the food). And when I fed the baby, I just focused on him.  The second week, I began to itch. It’s an itch that other readers and writers probably know well. It happens when you’re feeling dried out from a reading and writing dr … Read More

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