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Pointers from the Pros: Agent Michelle Brower Offers Query Tips (via My Daytime Drama)

Pointers from the Pros: Agent Michelle Brower Offers Query Tips“Pointers from the Pros” gives tips from authors and publishing industry professionals on everything from craft to querying to their experiences on the road to publication. I attended the James River Writers conference in Richmond, Va., in October.  Although I couldn’t go to all the faboo sessions being offered, I took a ton of notes at those I was lucky enough to attend—and I’m sharing some of those tips with my lovely blog readers. (<—Th … Read More

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Quote of the Day (via It’s Not About Them)

“Travel does what good novelists also do to the life of everyday, placing it like a picture in a frame or a gem in its setting, so that the intrinsic qualities are made more clear. Travel does this with the very stuff that everyday life is made of, giving to it the sharp contour and meaning of art.” Freya StarkRead More

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Extreme breastfeeding in novels (via blue milk)

Extreme breastfeeding in novels I am reading Emma Donoghue‘s Room at the moment. It is one of those novels that everyone is suddenly talking about. Narrated by a five year old, it is about he and his mother’s very isolated life. The book has an extraordinary premise, which I won’t give away here, but there is another element to the story that everyone can’t help but seem to notice and unpick and that is that the five-year old is still being breastfed. Ah, breastfeeding. So rich … Read More

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Why I write (via Living As Herby)

Why do I write? This is something I ponder. I think every writer does. What drives us to put pen to paper? To run our fingers rhythmically over the keys? Scratch, scratch, scratch. Tap, tap, tap. The pen and keys bring a story. They conjure up the words and images. If I sit down with a plan, I can’t write. It is in following the words that the real magic comes. And it is magic when the words flow. It’s a drug that feeds my soul. The words tell of … Read More

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Interview: Kris Tualla (via Frankie’s Soapbox)

Kris Tualla’s first book, A Primer for Beginning Authors came out in April of this year, and her first novel, A Woman of Choice was released earlier this month.  A retired high school teacher, Tualla is pursuing her dream of becoming a multi-published author of historical fiction. She started in 2006 with nothing but a nugget of a character in mind and absolutely no idea where to go from there. She has created a dynasty – The Hansen Series – with … Read More

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Feeding the Muse (via All About the Words)

Feeding the Muse The first week after the baby, I was in minimum mode. I fed the baby, put the baby to sleep, and put myself to sleep. I let my mom be in charge of feeding me (okay, not literally spooning things into my mouth; just fixing the food). And when I fed the baby, I just focused on him.  The second week, I began to itch. It’s an itch that other readers and writers probably know well. It happens when you’re feeling dried out from a reading and writing dr … Read More

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Rules? What rules?

People often ask about this.

Truth is, I have none.

I’m not disciplined in that respect.

I let my mind wander, sometimes self-combust with this explosion of words.

Mostly, it comes straight from the heart.

I don’t think about it, I just write.

I’m very instinctive and mostly I write because it keeps me sane, I hope !

So, I guess, all I can say is it comes naturally, inspiration often striking me at inopportune times.

❧❧❧ so what about you ?